Why Peace?


We do not have to look far to be reminded of the prevalence of violence in our society at every level. Reading the headlines, which range in topic from local homicide to international war, it can seem overwhelming to know how to respond either in our own communities or globally.

Research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School for Public Health, which runs the Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence, shows terrifying statistics. According to their website:

  • Bullies identified by age 8 are six times more likely to have a criminal conviction by age 24.
  • Primary prevention works for over 80% of all students in a given school.
  • Direct and indirect costs of youth violence in the U.S. exceed $158 billion every year.

These are just small reminders as to why we hope this camp and similar programs continue across our cities and nation. We believe that our children who will one day be community and national leaders will be equipped with the personal skills and broader knowledge to make positive changes in their lives and in the lives of others.