The NGR Peace Camp


Nawal Rajeh Peace Camp

The Nawal Rajeh Peace Camp was founded in Baltimore City in 2007. It was founded by Ralph Moore and Nawal Rajeh. Moore named the camp after Rajeh in 2010. The Peace Camp operates each summer in Baltimore City and has served an upward of 200 families to date.

Peace Camp’s curriculum focuses on two major fields of peace education- the personal and the global. Campers engage in a number of activities, educational and recreational, that help increase communication skills,  anger management, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills.  To complement these skills, campers also learn about a new “Peace Hero” each week. Peace heroes are people old and young, men and women, who have created positive change in their communities. Our campers read books, complete art projects, learn songs, and take weekly field trips all centered around these local, national, and international heroes of peace, change, and nonviolence.


By Peaceful Means wrapped up our 10th annual summer Peace Camp in Baltimore City this past August 2016. Now operating out of two community centers, our program served over 110 children in a free-of-cost summer camp focused on peace education and conflict resolution skill building!

Using many mediums and learning tools, our campers were able to showcase their original projects and artwork to parents and the community at the culmination of camp. To read more about our summer Peace Camp, click here.  Check out our Soundcloud and YouTube Channel to see and hear the original projects our youth created!

We were also proud to employ up to 14 high school students last summer – all who have previously been campers with us! This is crucial, as the ultimate goal of the Peace Camp is to empower these young members of the community to take up the mantle of peacebuilding on their own, thus turning the effort into a self-sustaining one.

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